Levelup QR code scanner: 

LevelUp is an open payments networks, founded by Seth Priebatsch. An open payments network is technology that enables users to make electronic payments on the internet. Consumers use their LevelUp account to pay with their smart device. Businesses accept transactions for about a 2.00% fee, thus enabling cost savings they can pass along to customers as compared to other payment methods. Using your smartphone, Levelup generates a personal QR-code that is link to your account. At the point of purchase the QR-code is scanned (technically photographed) with the Nemo scanner

Our project was to design the Nemo Scanner in seven weeks. This was to be their second generation scanner, which was to be easily manufactured, easy to use,  friendly,  and unique, allowing it to be directly associated with the LevelUp brand. Previously,  LevelUp had been using third party scanners and had designed a first generation product that was hard to manufacture and used a lot of counter space.

The solution lights up when the transaction has been completed, it is angled and sized to provide proper targeting of the qr code on your smartphone with the nemo scanner. The Nemo scanner is friendly and anthropomorphised  much like wally in the pixar movie